Request Tabs

To request tabs or chords for a certain song, simply fill in the small form below. Your song will than be added to the queue! Request each song separately and be specific (e.g. do not ask "any song" from a certain artist). A green validation message will appear at the top if your request was successful.

By requesting a song it is not guaranteed that the song will be posted on MandoTabs due to copyright issues, because it is a song that can not be transcribed to the mandolin or for other various reasons. It can take several days/weeks to complete your request. Do not request the same song twice or your request will get deleted. Also check if the song is not on MandoTabs already by using the search function!

Number of requested songs that are not completed: 987. 2013-2018. MandoTabs does not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted.
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