Intro: C Am F Am Fm C
Verse 1:
It's not your room, it's mine
Am                                F
And you can't be here to find out anything about me
You cannot know my family
'Cause they're not yours
        C			    Am
But maybe that's what you want to do
To find someone who wants to care for you
Well, you certainly have me
Verse 2:
    C                             Am
And little moth it's gonna be hard
Some things we cannot fix
Some scrapes will be scars
C                               Am
But little moth it's gonna be okay
No one will change you
If you do not want to and not everyone will stay
C                   Am         F       Fm
mhmmmm-ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh ahh
Verse 3:
F             Fm                     C
Some days you might want to run and hide
   F                        Fm               C      Am
To clip your thin wings and hang them out to dryyyy-y
And though this may be true
   C             Am        F  Fm
It doesn't mean you'd have to
Verse 4:
C                          Am
Little moth it's time to go
      F                                 Fm
And I know that right now time is moving a little slow
    C                                Am
But little moth please take your time
You have more than you think 'n
You may feel like you're sinking
   Fm                           C
But I swear that you'll be fine
Outro: C Am F Fm C