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A chordB chordDbm chordE chordEmaj7 chordAbm chord

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Riff 1 - AA chord -:          

Riff 2:

Riff 3:

Riff 4 - EE chord EE chord Emaj7Emaj7 chord -:   

Intro: 1 2 3 4

I know you're angry and you're feeling ashamed
I'm kinda feeling the same
but we could hide our love if we pretend it's a game
and give it a secret name
              AA chord      BB chord
let's call it rugby
              EE chord    EE chord
let's call it ruuuugby
      DbmDbm chord             BB chord
and I bet that pretty soon all
      AbmAbm chord            AA chord
The showers could be communal  - yeah -
  - AA chord -                     BB chord
and noone would suspect a thing
                 DbmDbm chord         BB chord
and when people ask what are 15 guys
      AbmAbm chord                          AA chord
doing sticking their heads between each others thighs
                                           BB chord   - BB chord BB chord -
 we'll just tell them that we're practicing

we'll have a special language and a secret code
that nobody knows what the are
and we'll do clever things with existing words
like replacing an f with and r
                   AA chord      BB chord
so we'll say we're rucking when really we're xxxx
DbmDbm chord                             BB chord
Fooling the world that there's nothing xxxual
     AbmAbm chord                 AA chord
in a ball shaped liked a giant tescicle
    - AA chord -                                 BB chord
being grabbed at by enormous men - in shorts -
      DbmDbm chord              BB chord
while drunk spectators in the stands
         AbmAbm chord                 AA chord
call for bigger tackles and softer hands
    - AA chord -                             BB chord    - BB chord  BB chord -
just wishing that it could be them

EE chord  EE chord     BB chord                               AA chord        AbmAbm chord       Ei
playing rugby - crouch touch engage -  I'm tackling Johnson in knee high socks -
DbmDbm chord AbmAbm chord AA chord                                EE chord       EE chord       Emaj7Emaj7 chord 
playing rugby - crouch touch engage -  I'm finding touch a bit too much
EE chord  EE chord     BB chord                               AA chord       AbmAbm chord       EE chord
playing rugby - crouch touch engage - I'm in the mud with 15 studs
DbmDbm chord AbmAbm chord AA chord
I'm playing rugby

           BB chord             EE chord 
and if you don't you're gay    

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