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Bbm chordAm chordAm6 chordBm chordC chordC6 chordCm chordEm chordG chord

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GG chord
BmBm chord      BbmBbm chord
C6C6 chord
Hair in your mouth
Am6Am6 chord
Feet touching feet

   GG chord
Oh you
    BmBm chord   BbmBbm chord
and I
C6C6 chord           AmAm chord
Safe from the world
           Am6Am6 chord
Though the world will try

  CC chord                  CmCm chord
Oh, I'm afraid of the things in my brain
    GG chord          EmEm chord
But we can stay here
    CC chord              Am6Am6 chord
And laugh away the fear

GG chord
BmBm chord
   BbmBbm chord C6C6 chord
You cre-ate a rarity
      Am6Am6 chord
Of my genuine smiles so

GG chord
        BmBm chord
Breathe with me
   BbmBbm chord  C6C6 chord              AmAm chord
Can you drink all my thoughts
       Am6Am6 chord                GG chord
'Cause I can't stand the-em

BmBm chord   BbmBbm chord
C6C6 chord   AmAm chord
Am6Am6 chord
Oh, oh, oh

GG chord
BmBm chord
    BbmBbm chord    C6C6 chord
I've pinned each and every hope on you
  Am6Am6 chord                            CC chord
I hope that you don't bleed with me

                  CmCm chord
I'm afraid of the things in my brain
     GG chord         EmEm chord
But we can stay here
    CC chord           Am6Am6 chord
And laugh away the fear

GG chord            BmBm chord
BbmBbm chord  C6C6 chord      AmAm chord
Am6Am6 chord          GG chord

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  1. I personally love this so much!!! the cords are easier tan I thought they would be :) tysm!!!

  2. Is there an alternate chord instead of Bbm, whenever I try and play it it doesn’t sound right

  3. Daniel Howell

    I personally like to play it on -2 with a capo on the second fret I think it sounds beautiful that way. Wonderful song.

  4. I play it on +2, although I did change one chord.

  5. For those commenting saying that the Am6 or the C6 sounds wrong, it is because she is plucking throughout the whole song now strumming. For Am6 she is plucking the C string then the G string and E string simultaneously, and for C6 she is plucking the same strings (C, then G and E together). Hope this helps!

  6. something that sounds fairly good: plucking E A throughout the whole song which can be done without the chords. if that’s the sound you’re going for

  7. I personally think that this song sounds better with one single strum for each note. You can play it the way dodie does or the other’s suggestions, but I personally feel this song only needs one strum. It is such a soft song (if you get what I’m trying to say) that you can just use mostly your voice.


    Secret for the mad plz

  9. Anjaaaaaaaaaaa

    I usually just play D instead of Am6 (it’s easier and it sounds better to me)

  10. An easy way to play is
    F, Am, Bb, C
    All the way through except at ‘im Afraid of the things in my brain, but we can stay here and laugh away the fear’ could be Bb, Bbm, F, C
    This makes it easier for me and I hope it helps you :)

  11. u forgot that lil “mhm” at the very end

  12. thisisnotapipe

    i believe that plucking the g (first) string and then the c,e and a (last three) works perfectly and sounds almost exactly like dodie’s, but you may recall she is playing on a baritone. on a concert ot soprano it sounds better if you pluck the c and then the a and e.

  13. for the strumming pattern just pick the outer two strings once and then the two inner ones twice :)

  14. randon phan

    i would prefer plucking the middle two strings and the outer two strings for the entire song >_<

  15. I play this +3 and it still works for my alto voice :)

  16. Personally I think it sounds nice plucking C them E A together. It does mean the Am chord doesn’t play but it simply means slightly prolonging the C6 chord.
    As for the Bbm chord, whilst playing Bm, when it comes to the last finger picking for it you simply slide your hand down one fret and pick A E again then take your hand off to continue on with the C6.
    G —————-
    C 2—2—2—2—
    E -2-2-2-2-2-2-2~1
    A -2-2-2-2-2-2-2~1

  17. This is what I do for the picking/ strumming. I pick the c string once, then the e and a strings together. I do that four times per chord, and it sounds almost exactly like the original. Also, I don’t use Bbm. Hope this helps!!

  18. IJustLikePlayingTheUke

    My older brother played this once and I absolutely loved it! I was just getting into Dodie then

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