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Intro: CC chord

CC chord
I’m a semi functioning human
                             GG chord
but I’ve done pretty well so far
       FF chord                  GG chord
sure I slept in till like three
      E7E7 chord                  AmAm chord
but I made a great cup of tea
          FF chord        GG chord        CC chord
so that’s one gold star for me

CC chord
I might forget your birthday
                           GG chord
I might not even know your name
       FF chord             GG chord
but if you tell me a secret
        E7E7 chord            AmAm chord
it’s as safe as it can be
          FF chord        GG chord        CC chord
so that’s one gold star for me

FF chord                             CC chord
no there’s nothing wrong with falling down
FF chord               CC chord       GG chord
forgetting your keys is allowed
FF chord              CC chord    E7E7 chord AmAm chord
I cry at every film I see
         D7D7 chord                                GG chord
but I’ll give you the best hug that you’ve ever received

         CC chord
oh I can barely count to ten in the morning,
                            GG chord
my eyeliner will never even out
         FF chord              GG chord
but I’ll smile till I’m blue
        E7E7 chord            AmAm chord
so that you will smile too
          FF chord        GG chord        CC chord
so that’s one gold star for me

Outro: GG chord CC chord

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  1. Twenty One Dodies

    hi doddlers!! i found that since this song is played on guitar originallyy, for the female voice its alot easier to sing with a capon on fret two. also, 0 is the easiest to play, transposing wont help :) doddle on! @selftootled on instagram

  2. Alexbutnotreally

    this was FINALLY added. i love this :3

  3. MangoTango

    Does anyone know the strumming pattern? I can’t seem to work it out!
    Thank you :)

    • I don’t know if this is how dodie does it but I use down down, up down up down down, but really anything jolly and happy will work.
      Also for the end with ‘and you will smile too’ I slowed down to a single strum for the end of that verse, before picking back up the same rhythm with the words have half speed but the chords just as they were before.
      Hope this is okay!

  4. Even though you don’t get much space at all, capo on fourth for original key or +4

  5. What’s the strum pattern

  6. the strumming pattern is D-D-U-D-U if anyone’s wondering! :)

  7. Mango tango just follow they stunning as Dodie in the video

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