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Cm chordA chordEbm chordD chordE6 chordEm chordE chordGb7 chordAmaj7 chord

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BB chord                    CmCm chord
At least I avoided cliche
BB chord                                EbmEbm chord      Amaj7Amaj7 chord  
Holding nobody's hand along the Champs-Elysees
EE chord
Taking my time
          EmEm chord
Breaking bread, sipping wine
          BB chord
Meant for two

BB chord                        CmCm chord
Its a beautiful city for saps
BB chord                                  EbmEbm chord             EE chord    
But turn out the lights we're too clever for that and I know...
   E6E6 chord                 GbGb chord
I know, we're not in love
EmEm chord                      BB chord
But we'd fool this old town 
          CmCm chord          EE chord                 Gb7Gb7 chord
with the view of us, thoughts from the tourist
EmEm chord           BB chord

BB chord                                 CmCm chord
We could fall for the streets of Paris,
BB chord                                 EbmEbm chord      Amaj7Amaj7 chord
But the Eiffel's a joke and the punchline is me
EE chord 
And you know...
     E6E6 chord              GbGb chord
You know, It's not funny,
     DmDm chord.                 BB chord
But we'd laugh 'till it was,
         BbmBbm chord.             EE chord.                Gb7Gb7 chord
Just the two of us, and thoughts from the tourist
EmEm chord           BB chord   EmEm chord  BB chord

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  1. Idk if its just me but the chords given sound very wrong

  2. These are the wrong chords

  3. You guys are missing an entire verse.
    ‘And I know, I know that we tried
    To survive on a lie we couldn’t endure
    So what’s just one more
    Thought from the tourist, imagining the two of us

  4. +3/+5/-2/-4

  5. well i rlly like this song and ive waited ages for it to come out on here and the chords on any transpose dont sound right

  6. ourcarscollide

    The Bbm should be a Gbm

  7. twentyonepilotstrash

    +3 sounds a lot better but use an f instead of a bbmaj7! it isn’t totally spot on but it sounds more like the actual song

  8. Hey, I didn’t think these chords sounded right. So I went on and searched for A Non Love Song From Nashville and because they are the same chords you can learn it there and replace the lyrics! Hope this helps you guys!

  9. Ukelover

    No offense to the writer, but these chords are very wrong

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