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Intro: BbBb chord  AmAm chord

Verse 1:
BbBb chord
  Ultimately I don't understand a thing
         AmAm chord
I try to do the best I can

I know you try to do the same
              BbBb chord
We're just so bound to make mistakes

You could call it a disposition
   AmAm chord
I apologize for all your tears

I wish I could be different
        BbBb chord
But I'm still growing up
         AmAm chord
Into the one you can call your love
                     BbBb chord
I don't know if I'll ever be enough
                   AmAm chord
I'm throwing in my chips

I guess I tend to push my luck

Verse 2:
BbBb chord
  And ultimately I believe we'll be okay
           AmAm chord
It's so cliche to say these things, but repetition is a key
            BbBb chord
I think I'm better when I'm with you

But I worry when you're gone
          AmAm chord
I think I need to learn to love myself

I must learn to be strong
       BbBb chord
So for now we'll say goodbye

Although it pains me in my heart
                AmAm chord
Your words they come to me in memories

They sing to me like songs
            BbBb chord
It won't be long until I'm here

Soon I'll make my arrival
      AmAm chord
Under shady trees

AA chord quiet street

The roads that I have traveled

Verse 3:
BbBb chord
  Ultimately it's a beautiful thing
             AmAm chord
Like flowers blooming in a lonely field

The petals drift through crossing winds
     BbBb chord
They find their way to river streams
                                     AmAm chord
That scent the water beautifully, it takes me back to you

It takes me back to you

BbBb chord  AmAm chord
BbBb chord  

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  1. ProbablyPanickingAtADiscoSomewhere

    After each Bb chord, I usually pluck a short little piece that’s goes along with the song, and I think it sounds really nice :) I’ll leave the notes below:
    After this, just play a soft Am and it sounds really peaceful and beautiful!

  2. If you wanna know the riff after the Bb in the song is all on the A chord at the 8th fret,5th,3rd. The next riff is after you strum on the Am and you pluck on the E chord at the 5th fret,6th,5th,3rd,5th (relatively fast).

  3. Ukulavery

    -5 easiest

  4. weird nonsense

    why arent the tabs here? i figured out the tabs of which is on the 4th string 8 5s3
    as for the next tabs after Am its on the 3rd string finger picking 5 6 3 5

  5. weird nonsense

    ahh this is also how i figured out to play the song by ear from a friend who is very talented in this area

  6. donnieboy

    hope this helps
    Right after the Bb After Am
    G——– G————
    C——– C————
    E——– E-5-6-5-3-5
    A-8-5-3- A————

  7. TheTermsandConditionator

    I love how it counted the A in “A quiet street” as a chord.

  8. Does anyone have the finger picking figured out?

    • StanTheMan

      Yes, for the first part you go on the A string and go 8-5-3 and then the second part is on the E string and it goes 5-6-5-3-5

    • after Bb it goes
      4th string 8,5,3
      then after Am it goes
      3rd string 5,6,5,3,5

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