Intro: Eb

Verse 1:
Eb               Cm
We may not have sunshine
Ab               Bb
Or starlight or weather
    Eb              Cm
But we've got each other
    Ab           Bb
And that's even better

   Eb Ab Eb Ab Bb
   Eb Cm Ab Eb Cm
   Ab Bb

Eb                  Cm              Ab
You don't need the sun to keep you warm
Ab                 Bb
When you've got arms
Eb                Cm
Wishes come from you and not
  Bb               Eb
a random shooting star

Verse 2:
   Fm           Ab
We may not have storm clouds
            Eb       Bb
But the the sky is always blue
We've got something special here
Ab                   Eb   Cm
And what we have is you
Ab               Eb   Cm
What we have is you
Ab               Eb
What we have is you