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A# chordBb7 chordA chordAm chordC# chordCm chordD# chordEb7 chordD chordDm chordF chordF7 chordFm chordG# chordG chordGm chord

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Intro: FF chord AA chord    DmDm chord AA chord   

           FF chord         AA chord   
There's no sunshine
       DmDm chord             AA chord   
This impossible year
     FF chord              AA chord   
Only black days and sky grey
    DmDm chord             F7F7 chord
And clouds full of fear
    BbBb chord             AmAm chord
And storms full of sorrow
     GmGm chord        AA chord   
That won't disappear
     FF chord            AA chord   
Just typhoons and monsoons
       DmDm chord       EbEb chord
This impossible year
           BbBb chord          DD chord   
There's no good times
       GmGm chord            DD chord   
This impossible year
       BbBb chord            DD chord   
Just a beachfront of bad blood
      GmGm chord             Bb7Bb7 chord
And a coast that's unclear
        EbEb chord            DmDm chord
All the guests at the party
        CmCm chord      DD chord   
They're so insincere
          BbBb chord          DD chord   
They just intrude and exclude
       GmGm chord       AbAb chord
This impossible year

           EbEb chord          GG chord   
There's no you and me
       CmCm chord             GG chord   
This impossible year
     EbEb chord            GG chord   
Only heartache and heartbreak
    CmCm chord          Eb7Eb7 chord
And gin made of tears
    AbAb chord            GmGm chord
The bitter pill I swallow
    FmFm chord         GG chord   
The scars souvenir
     EbEb chord           GG chord   
That tattoo, your last bruise
       CmCm chord       DbDb chord
This impossible year

              AbAb chord
There's never air to breathe
              GmGm chord
There's never in-betweens
      FmFm chord                EbEb chord               BbBb chord
These nightmares always hang on past the dream

EbEb chord GG chord    CmCm chord GG chord   
EbEb chord GG chord    CmCm chord Eb7Eb7 chord
AbAb chord GmGm chord FmFm chord GG chord   
EbEb chord GG chord    CmCm chord Eb7Eb7 chord

           EbEb chord        GG chord   
There's no sunshine
           CmCm chord          GG chord   
There's no you and me
           EbEb chord          GG chord   
There's no good times
       CmCm chord       Eb7Eb7 chord
This impossible year

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