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Intro: BmBm chord DD chord BmBm chord DD chord GG chord DD chord GG chord DD chord x2

Verse 1:
BmBm chord
  if i'm a bad person you don't like me i guess i'll make my own way
EmEm chord
  it's a circle a mean cycle
DD chord
  i can't excite you anymore
BmBm chord
  where's your gavel? your jury? what's my offense this time?
EmEm chord
  you're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
GG chord
  well sentence me to another life

BmBm chord
  don't wanna hear your sad songs i don't wanna feel your pain
when you swear it's all my fault cause you know we're not the 
EmEm chord      
same we're not the same
   GG chord
oh we're not the same
BmBm chord
  the friends who stuck together we wrote our names in blood
but i guess you can't accept 
                   EmEm chord
that the change is good
                         GG chord   EmEm chord-- x2
it's good it's good it's good

BmBm chord             DD chord
  you treat me just like 
BmBm chord         DD chord
  another stranger
          GG chord
well it's nice to meet 
    DD chord                GG chord
you sir i guess i'll go
          AA chord
i best be on my way out
- Repeat -

BmBm chord
ignorance is your new best friend
ignorance is your new best friend

Verse 2:
BmBm chord
  this is the best thing that could've happened
any longer and i wouldn't have made it
EmEm chord
  it's not a war no it's not a rapture
GG chord
  i'm just a person but you can't take it
BmBm chord
  the same tricks that once fooled me they won't get you anywhere
EmEm chord
  i'm not the same kid from your memory
GG chord
  now i can fend for myself

- Repeat Refrain -
- Repeat Chorus -
- Repeat Post Chorus twice -

Guitar Solo: BmBm chord  GG chord EmEm chord GG chord  EmEm chord  EmEm chord    

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